Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Putlog, Putlog Truss for Frame Scaffolding

Scaffold Putlogs are used to span doorways to build around obstructions to connect frame towers and to solve other long-span applications.

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Scaffold Putlogs

Code Description Materials Size Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
P.8N 8' Putlog (Narrow) Ø42x2.3mm, Ø25x1.8mm, Q235-Q355; (Tube dia.1.65"x0.09"t, dia.1"x0.071"t) 2438mm (8') 11.92  26.28 
P.12N 12' Putlog (Narrow) 3658mm (12') 17.67  38.96 
P.12W 12' Putlog (Wide) 3658mm (12') 24.69  54.44 
P.16W 16' Putlog (Wide) 4877mm (16') 32.63  71.95 
P.17W 17' Putlog (Wide) 5182mm (17') 34.30  75.63 
P.20W 20' Putlog (Wide) 6096mm (20') 40.56  89.43 
P.22W 22' Putlog (Wide) 6706mm (22') 44.53  98.19 
P.24W 24' Putlog (Wide) 7315mm (24') 48.50  106.94 
P.16T 16' Putlog Truss 4877mm (16') 27.57  60.79 
P.17T 17' Putlog Truss 5182mm (17') 28.94  63.81 
P.18T 18' Putlog Truss 5486mm (18') 30.31  66.83 
P.22T 22' Putlog Truss 6706mm (22') 41.66  91.86 
P.PSP3 3' Putlog Spreader 914mm (3') 4.45  9.81 
P.PSP4 4' Putlog Spreader 1219mm (4') 5.97  13.16 
P.PSP5 5' Putlog Spreader 1524mm (5') 7.49  16.52 
P.PSP6 6' Putlog Spreader 1829mm (6') 9.01  19.87 
P.PHP6 6" Putlog Hanger Parallel Plate t=6-8mm; Q235; (Plate t=0.236", 0.315") 152mm (6") 2.07  4.56 
P.PHRA6 6" Putlog Hanger Right Angle 152mm (6") 2.31  5.09 
P.PHRA12 12" Putlog Hanger Right Angle 305mm (12") 4.02  8.86 
*Surface Treatment: Powder Coated, Painted

Putlog Narrow

Putlog Wide

Putlog Truss

Putlog Spreader

Putlog Hangers

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