Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Powder Coated American Scaffolding Frames with Drop Lock

American Type Drop Lock Series Scaffolding Frame is designed and complied to the requirements of OHSA & ANSI A10.8. It is made by dia. 1.69"x0.095" thickness high quality steel tubes. The locking device is Drop Lock . The frame is in 3' or 5' wide, and finishing is powder coating.

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* Material Specification: Steel grade Q235, frame leg OD.43x2.5mm (OD.1.69"x0.095" thickness)

* Frame Width: 1524mm(5'), 1219mm(4'), 914mm(3')

* Locking Device: Drop Lock

* First lock down 152mm(6") on frame leg

* Locking Space: 1219mm(4'), 914mm(3'), 610mm(2')

* Coupling Pin: CP1 (Coupling Pin with 1" Collar) or CP2 (Taped Coupling Pin with 1" Collar)

* Finishing options: Powder Coating, Hot dip galvanized

Walk Thru Frame / Arch Frame with Drop Lock

Code Description Width (W) Height (H) Lock Space (A) Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
 TF.DL.564 5'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame 1524mm (5') 1930mm (6'4") 48",28" 22.20  48.95 
 TF.DL.464 4'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame 1219mm (4') 1930mm (6'4") 48",24" 20.42  45.03 
 TF.DL.364 3'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame 914mm (3') 1930mm (6'4") 48",24" 19.21  42.36 
 TF.DL.264 2'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame 610mm (2') 1930mm (6'4") 48",24" 17.86  39.38 
 TF.DL.55 5'x5' Walk Thru Frame 1524mm (5') 1524mm (5') 48",24" 18.23  40.20 
 TF.DL.45 4'x5' Walk Thru Frame 1219mm (4') 1524mm (5') 48",24" 16.62  36.65 
 TF.DL.35 3'x5' Walk Thru Frame 914mm (3') 1524mm (5') 48",24" 15.41  33.98 

Masonry Frame / Box Frame with Drop Lock

Code Description Width (W) Height (H) Lock Space (A) Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
 SBF.DL.564 5'x6'4" Single Box Frame 1524mm (5') 1930mm (6'4") 48",28" 21.18  46.70 
 DBF.DL.564 5'x6'4" Double Box Frame 1524mm (5') 1930mm (6'4") 48",28" 22.68  50.01 
 SBF.DL.55 5'x5' Single Box Frame 1524mm (5') 1524mm (5') 48“ 17.80  39.25 
 SBF.DL.54 5'x4' Single Box Frame 1524mm (5') 1219mm (4') 36” 15.99  35.26 
 SBF.DL.45 4'x5' Single Box Frame 1219mm (4') 1524mm (5') 48“ 16.15  35.61 
 SBF.DL.44 4'x4' Single Box Frame 1219mm (4') 1219mm (4') 36” 14.39  31.73 
 DBF.DL.55 5'x5' Double Box Frame 1524mm (5') 1524mm (5') 48“ 18.55  40.90 
 DBF.DL.54 5'x4' Double Box Frame 1524mm (5') 1219mm (4') 36” 16.73  36.89 
 DBF.DL.45 4'x5' Double Box Frame 1219mm (4') 1524mm (5') 48“ 16.74  36.91 
 DBF.DL.44 4'x4' Double Box Frame 1219mm (4') 1219mm (4') 36” 14.99  33.05 
 BX.DL.43 4'x3' Box Frame 1219mm (4') 914mm (3') 24“ 11.92  26.28 
 BX.DL.53 5'x3' Box Frame 1524mm (5') 914mm (3') 24“ 13.45  29.66 

Typical Locking Device Options for American Scaffolding Frame

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