Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Powder Coated Steel Access Ladder for Frame Scaffolding

Access Ladder is the light vertical access device for frame scaffolding. It uses ladder bracket to attach the ladder to the scaffold frame leg.
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    Galvainized Colour; Powder Coated/Painted Blue, Re
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Steel Access Ladder 17" Wide

Code Description Ladder Height Ladder Width Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
AL.10 10' Access Ladder 17" wide 3048mm (10') 432mm (17") 13.65  30.10 
AL.8 8' Access Ladder 17" wide 2438mm (8') 11.02  24.30 
AL.7 7' Access Ladder 17" wide 2134mm (7') 9.70  21.39 
AL.6 6' Access Ladder 17" wide 1829mm (6') 8.38  18.48 
AL.5 5' Access Ladder 17" wide 1524mm (5') 7.07  15.59 
AL.4 4' Access Ladder 17" wide 1219mm (4') 5.75  12.68 
AL.3 3' Access Ladder 17" wide 914mm (3') 4.43  9.77 
AL.BK17 Access Ladder Bracket 17" wide 3.07  6.77 

Product Features:

Description: Access Ladder

Ladder Height: 3'-10'

Ladder Width: 17" 

Rung distance: 12" (305mm, evenly spaced )

Material: Steel, Q235. Ladder leg O.D 35x1.8mm, Rung tube O.D 25x1.8mm

The Access Ladder is stackable. It has a male and female end for stacking. 

Assemble with the male end up. The male Stacking Pin floats to make stacking easier!

Use our Ladder Bracket to attach Access Ladders to the Scaffold Frame Leg.

Steel Access Ladder and Ladder Bracket

Access Laader for Scaffolding Frames

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