Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Chinese Traditional Painted Frame Scaffolding

Frame Scaffolding is the earliest type of scaffolding using in China. There are walk through frames and mason frames,  also called H frames. They are fabricated by O.D.42x2.2mm steel tubes. Frame Scaffolding Components include Vertical Main Frames,  Cross Braces, Coupling Pins and Cat Walk Boards with hooks.

The Frame Scaffolding is quick erection scaffolding by main frame lock pins and cross braces.

For Mobile Scaffold Tower, H Frame scaffolding used with Castor Wheels and Adjustable screw jack bases.

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* Material Specification: Steel grade Q235, frame leg OD.42x2.2mm

* Frame Width: 1219mm(4'), 914mm(3')

* Locking Device: Flip Lock

* Locking Space: 1219mm(4'), 914mm(3'), 610mm(2'),280mm(11")

* Finishing options: Hot dip galvanized, electric galvanized, painted, powder coated

Product Details:

Walk Thru Frame / H Frame

Code Description Tube size Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
CNF.TF.1219 Walk Thru Frame 1219x1930mm Ø42x2.2mm, Ø25x1.2mm 14.40  31.75 
CNF.TF.1217 Walk Thru Frame 1219x1700mm 13.10  28.89 
CNF.TF.1215 Walk Thru Frame 1219x1524mm 12.20  26.90 
CNF.TF.0919 Walk Thru Frame 914x1930mm 13.50  29.77 
CNF.TF.0917 Walk Thru Frame 914x1700mm 12.20  26.90 
CNF.TF.0915 Walk Thru Frame 914x1524mm 11.40  25.14 

Mason Frame / Ladder Frame

Code Description Tube size Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
CNF.MF.1219 Mason Frame 1219x1930mm Ø42x2.2mm, Ø25x1.2mm 15.30  33.74 
CNF.MF.1215 Mason Frame 1219x1524mm 12.30  27.12 
CNF.MF.1212 Mason Frame 1219x1219mm 11.60  25.58 
CNF.MF.1209 Mason Frame 1219x914mm 9.70  21.39 
CNF.MF.1205 Mason Frame 1219x490mm 7.40  16.32 
CNF.MF.0912 Mason Frame 914x1219mm 10.20  22.49 
CNF.MF.0909 Mason Frame 914x914mm 8.40  18.52 
CNF.MF.0905 Mason Frame 914x490mm 6.10  13.45 

Catwalk Board

Code Description Tube size Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
CNF.CWB.0518 Catwalk Board 500x1829mm 50x25mm 13.30  29.33 
CNF.CWB.0418 Catwalk Board 400x1829mm 13.00  28.67 

Stair for H Frame

Code Description Tube size Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
CNF.ST.2677 Stair for Frame 500x2677mm 50x25mm 22.00  48.51 
CNF.ST.2514 Stair for Frame 500x2514mm 20.80  45.86 

Cross Braces

Code Description Tube size Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
CNF.CB.2198 Cross Brace 2198mm Ø25x1.2mm 3.16  6.97 
CNF.CB.1928 Cross Brace 1928mm Ø25x1.2mm 2.79  6.15 
CNF.ACB.2198 Angle Brace 2198mm 30x3mm 2.80  6.17 
CNF.ACB.1928 Angle Brace 1928mm 30x3mm 2.50  5.51 

Screw Jacks

Code Description Specification Weight (kg) Weight (lbs)
SBJ.30070 0.7M Solid Base Jack Tr30x700mm, 100x100x5mm 4.15  9.15 
SBJ.30060 0.6M Solid Base Jack Tr30x600mm, 100x100x5mm 3.65  8.05 
SUJ.30070 0.7M Solid U-head Jack Tr30x700mm, 160x90x30x5mm 4.60  10.14 
SUJ.30060 0.6M Solid U-head Jack Tr30x600mm, 160x90x30x5mm 4.10  9.04 


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