Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Aluminum Kwikstage Scaffolding Standard / Vertical

Aluminium Kwikstage system provides a highly flexible and easy to assemble scaffolding system that has been designed along the same lines as the steel Kwikstage range of products.

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Advantages of Aluminum Kwikstage Scaffolding:

* Quick and easy to erect: Ledgers and transoms are fixed to the vertical standards using captive wedge connections. Eliminating the need for transverse bracing.

* No loose fittings: Captive connector means reduced losses and increased productivity compared to traditional tube and coupler scaffold.

* Simple erection procedures ensure stringent safety levels can be easily achieved.

* A comprehensive range of accessories for handrails, hop-up brackets, staircase towers and loading bays. Providing safe and secure access at all times.

* Simple to maintain: No screw threads. Leads to minimizing maintenance costs.

Aluminum Kwikstage Standard / Vertical

Product Details:

Code Description Material Size Weight (kg) Weight (lbs)
AKS.S.400 4.00M Standard Alloy 6061-T6, Ø50.3x3.2mm 4000mm 9.00  19.85 
AKS.S.350 3.50M Standard 3500mm 7.93  17.49 
AKS.S.300 3.00M Standard 3000mm 6.85  15.10 
AKS.S.250 2.50M Standard 2500mm 5.77  12.72 
AKS.S.200 2.00M Standard 2000mm 4.69  10.34 
AKS.S.150 1.50M Standard 1500mm 3.62  7.98 
AKS.S.100 1.00M Standard 1000mm 2.54  5.60 
AKS.S.050 0.50M Standard 500mm 1.46  3.22 
AKS.SGA Spigot Adaptor 1.15  2.54 


Aluminum Tube Dimension: O.D 50.3x3.2mm.

V-lug: Aluminum Extrusion

Alu Alloy Grade: 6061-T6 or 6082-T6

Surface Finishing: Self-finishing, Powder Coated

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