Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Stringer Stair for Ring Lock System Scaffolding

Stringer Stair is a popular stairway for system scaffolding in American market. It is set for 7' scaffold bay length, 6'7" high rising and for 3'6" wide access. The stair stringers and treads can be seperated. It can help to reduce job difficulty of when installing or dismantling the stair. Also it is much more convenient for material storage and transportation.
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    Hot Dip Galvanized, Silver Colour
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Ring Lock Scaffolding Stringer Stair

Product Details:

Code Description Material Size Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
RS.ST.213 7' Stringer Stair set 8# channel steel stringer, stair tread t=2.0mm; Q235 W: 1067mm; L: 2134mm; H: 2000mm 134.25  296
RS.ST.STR 7' Stringer L: 2134mm; H: 2000mm 25.56  56.35
RS.ST.TRD 32" Tread W: 813mm 8.31  18.33

System Scaffolding Stringer Stair


Stringer: 8# channel steel is recommanded. RHS tube 80x40x2mm is also available.

Tread: 2.0mm/1.8mm thickness is available.

Steel Grade: Q235

Ledger Fitting: Casting Steel

Ledger Wedge Pin: 6mm

Suface Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized; Powder Coated, Painted

Quality Standard: EN12810, ANSI A10.8

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