Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Australian Type X-Shoring Frame

X-Shoring Frame is a typical shoring scaffolding used in Australia. It is made from high quality steel tube O.D. 60x3.5mm or O.D. 60x.40mm as frame legs, O.D. 42x2.3mm tube as the frame horizontal section, O.D. 28x2.0mm tube as the inside X-section. X-shoring frame offers heavy duty supoort for construction.
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    Galvainized Colour; Painted Blue, Red, Orange, Yel
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X-Shoring Frame Scaffolding

Main Components or accessories: X-frame, Shoring Brace, Top Insert (Prop), Collar (Lock) Pin, Shoring Spigot (Coupling Pin), Shoring Base Jack, Shoring U-head Jack, and so on.

Product Details:

Australian Type X-Shoring Frames

Code Description Material Size Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
 XSF.47 4' x 7' X-Shoring Frame Frame leg Ø60.3x3.5mm, Horizontal tube Ø42x2.2mm; Q235-Q355 1219x2134mm 30.00  66.15 
 XSF.46 4' x 6' X-Shoring Frame 1219x1829mm 27.00  59.54 
 XSF.45 4' x 5' X-Shoring Frame 1219x1524mm 24.00  52.92 
 XSF.44 4' x 4' X-Shoring Frame 1219x1219mm 19.10  42.12 
 XSF.43 4' x 3' X-Shoring Frame 1219x914mm 13.60  29.99 
 XSF.423 4' x 2'3" X-Shoring Frame 1219x430mm 11.90  26.24 

Shoring Braces

Code Size (Metric) Material Size (Imperial) Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
 SF.BR.74 7'x4' Shoring Brace Ø28x2.0mm; Q235 2134 x 1219mm 6.45  14.22 
 SF.BR.73 7'x3' Shoring Brace 2134 x 914mm 6.10  13.45 
 SF.BR.730 7'x30" Shoring Brace 2134 x 762mm 5.96  13.14 
 SF.BR.72 7'x2' Shoring Brace 2134 x 610mm 5.84  12.88 
 SF.BR.65 6'x5' Shoring Brace 1829 x 1524mm 6.26  13.80 
 SF.BR.64 6'x4' Shoring Brace 1829 x 1219mm 5.80  12.79 
 SF.BR.63 6'x3' Shoring Brace 1829 x 914mm 5.40  11.91 
 SF.BR.62 6'x2' Shoring Brace 1829 x 610mm 5.10  11.25 
 SF.BR.54 5'x4' Shoring Brace 1524 x 1219mm 5.15  11.36 
 SF.BR.53 5'x3' Shoring Brace 1524 x 914mm 4.70  10.36 
 SF.BR.530 5'x30" Shoring Brace 1524 x 762mm 4.50  9.92 
 SF.BR.52 5'x2' Shoring Brace 1524 x 610mm 4.36  9.61 
 SF.BR.44 4'x4' Shoring Brace 1219 x 1219mm 4.56  10.05 
 SF.BR.43 4'x3' Shoring Brace 1219 x 914mm 4.05  8.93 
 SF.BR.42 4'x2' Shoring Brace 1219 x 610mm 3.65  8.05 
 SF.MBR Multi-holes Braces 6'4"-7'3" 1930-2210mm 5.88  12.97 

Shoring Frame Accessories

Code Description Material Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
 SF.TP.36 Top Insert Prop 1050mm (3'6") Steel Grade: Q235 6.00  13.23 
 SF.SSJ.24 Shoring Solid Jack Base 24" 7.20  15.88 
 SF.HSJ.24 Shoring Hollow Jack Base 24" 5.89  12.99 
 SF.HUJ.24 Shoring Hollow U-head Jack 24" 8.30  18.30 
 SF.BP.66 Shoring Base Plate 6"x6" 2.27  5.01 
 SF.BP.88 Shoring Base Plate 8"x8" 3.69  8.14 
SF.UH.88 Shoring U Head 8"x8" 5.75  12.68 
SF.UH.89 Shoring U Head 8"x9" 6.15  13.56 
 SF.CLP Collar Lock Pin 0.42  0.93 
 SF.CP Coupling Pin 0.52  1.15 

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