Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Rubber Scaffolding Casters Wheel, PU Casters

Scaffolding Casters are the important components both for steel and alumnium scaffolding, they provide movable, convenient and safe load capacity for mobile scaffolding towers.
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    Galvanized Colour
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Scaffolding Casters

Code Description
C.5R 5" Ruber Caster with End Brake
C.6R 6" Ruber Caster with End Brake
C.6PU 6" PU Caster with End Brake
C.EN6PU 6" European Style Heavy Duty PU Caster
C.8R 8" Ruber Caster with End Brake
C.8PU 8" Heavy Duty PU Caster with Side Brake
C.8PU.SK 8" Heavy Duty PU Caster with Socket & Side Brake
C.EN8PU 8" European Style Heavy Duty PU Caster
C.10PN 10" Pneumatic Caster with Side Brake
C.12PU 12" Heavy Duty PU Caster with Side Brake

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