Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Painted Medium Duty Shoring Post for Construction

Shoring Prop is a kind of adjustable vertical pipe suport for concrete formwork suporting, is widely used for building, tunnel, mine construction.

The high tensile steel pin is located through a slot in the outer section and a hole on the inner section for coarse adjustments.

The casting collar located below the pin gives fine adjustment for leveling or striking.

The rolled thread ensures no loss of material or strength at this critical point.

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    Galvainized Colour; Painting, Powder Coating Blue,
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Open Thread Type of Shoring Prop is made by O.D. 48mm Inner Tube and O.D. 60mm Outer Tube, Thread Tube with slot,  Casting Prop Nut, Straight Pin or G Pins, Prop Base Plate and Top Plate (Top U Head / Fork Head), uses as vertical support for concrete formwork system of slab formwork, roof formwork, table formwork, wall formwork , beam formwork and construction scaffolding buildings.

Product Details:

Medium Duty Steel Prop / Shoring Prop / Post Shore (Open thread), t=2.5mm

Code Adjustment (Metric Size) Adjustment (Imperial Size) Specification Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
MDPR.18.DO2.5 1100-1800mm 3'7"--5'11" Outer pipe OD60x2.5mm, Inner pipe OD48x2.5mm, End plate120x120x5mm, Open thread. 8.68  19.14 
MDPR.29.DO2.5 1600-2900mm 5'3"--9'6" 12.21  26.93 
MDPR.32.DO2.5 1800-3200mm 5'11"--10'6" 13.13  28.95 
MDPR.36.DO2.5 2000-3600mm 6'7"--11'10" 14.40  31.75 
MDPR.40.DO2.5 2200-4000mm 7'3"--13'2" 15.67  34.55 
MDPR.45.DO2.5 2500-4500mm 8'2--14'9" 17.22  37.97 
MDPR.50.DO2.5 2900-5000mm 9'6"--16'5" 18.69  41.22 

Medium Duty Steel Prop / Shoring Prop / Post Shore (Open thread), t=2.2mm

Code Adjustment (Metric Size) Adjustment (Imperial Size) Specification Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
MDPR.18.DO2.2 1100-1800mm 3'7"--5'11" Outer pipe OD60x2.2mm, Inner pipe OD48x2.2mm, End plate120x120x5mm, Open thread. 8.02  17.69 
MDPR.29.DO2.2 1600-2900mm 5'3"--9'6" 11.15  24.58 
MDPR.32.DO2.2 1800-3200mm 5'11"--10'6" 11.96  26.36 
MDPR.36.DO2.2 2000-3600mm 6'7"--11'10" 13.08  28.84 
MDPR.40.DO2.2 2200-4000mm 7'3"--13'2" 14.21  31.32 
MDPR.45.DO2.2 2500-4500mm 8'2--14'9" 15.58  34.35 
MDPR.50.DO2.2 2900-5000mm 9'6"--16'5" 16.89  37.23 

Medium Duty Steel Prop / Shoring Prop / Post Shore (Open thread), t=2.0mm

Code Adjustment (Metric Size) Adjustment (Imperial Size) Specification Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
MDPR.18.DO2.0 1100-1800mm 3'7"--5'11" Outer pipe OD60x2.0mm, Inner pipe OD48x2.0mm, End plate120x120x5mm, Open thread. 7.13  15.72 
MDPR.29.DO2.0 1600-2900mm 5'3"--9'6" 9.98  22.00 
MDPR.32.DO2.0 1800-3200mm 5'11"--10'6" 10.72  23.63 
MDPR.36.DO2.0 2000-3600mm 6'7"--11'10" 11.74  25.90 
MDPR.40.DO2.0 2200-4000mm 7'3"--13'2" 12.77  28.16 
MDPR.45.DO2.0 2500-4500mm 8'2--14'9" 14.02  30.92 
MDPR.50.DO2.0 2900-5000mm 9'6"--16'5" 15.22  33.55 

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