Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Powder Coated Automatic Self-climbing Scaffolding System

Shuangma Self Climbing Scaffolding Systems is suitable for high-rise buildings and super high-rise shear wall structures. This system integrated with the climbing mechanism makes for one-time installation and lifting. Also its built-in safety screen design can effectively prevent workers and objects falling when operating.
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* Save material: reduce the usage of sacffolding

* Save manpower: automatic lifting

* Save time: automatic lifting to max within 30min, avoid setting up repeatly

* More independent and more safer: electrical control system

* Professional operation: ensure safety and regular check up

SM-20 Self-climbing Scaffolding Testing Sample Set

Product Paramenters

Product Name SM-20 Shuangma Self Climbing Scaffolding System
Scaffolding Unit Height 12.6-14.4m (41'4"-47'3")
Scaffolding Unit Width 0.9m (3')
One Deck Height 1.8m (6')
Horizontal Span <7.5m (24'7")
Distance From Wall 0.2-0.8m (8"-2'7")
Allowable Deviation ±15mm (0.6")
Elevation Hoist Rated Tonnage 7.5T (16536lbs)
Allowable Loading Capacity <3x2KN/m
Lifting Speed 3m/h (10'/hour)
Surface Treatment Powder Coated
Application High-rise building construction and shear wall structure


Main components: Vertical Post, Guide Rail, Wall Bracket, Wall Hanger, Hoist Hanger, Bracing Hanger, Vertical Post Bracket, Vertical Spigot, Tube Bracket, Plank, Plank Connector, Toe Board, Lap Plate, Safety Screen, Lattice Beam...

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