Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Powder Coated Canadian Type of Frame Scaffolding

Canadian Lock Series Scaffolding Frames are manufactured using high strength 1.69″ O.D. x 0.095"t steel tubing, and feature fully coped joints for superior strength and durability.   The frames are available in Blue Powder Coated, or Hot-dipped Galvanized finish. All of our frames come with pair of 1″ coupling pins and spring retainers, to keep them attached to the top of the frames.  The frames are designed to meet or exceed  both CSA and OSHA standards.

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    Powder Coated Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow
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* Material Specification: Steel grade Q235, frame leg OD.43x2.5mm

* Frame Width: 1524mm(5'), 1219mm(4'), 914mm(3')

* Locking Device: Canadian Lock

* First lock down 152mm(6") on frame leg

* Locking Space: 1219mm(4'), 914mm(3'), 610mm(2')

Coupling Pin: CP1 (Coupling Pin with 1" Collar) or CP2 (Taped Coupling Pin with 1" Collar)

* Finishing options: Powder Coated, Hot Dip Galvanized

Arch Frame / Walk Thru Frame with Canadian Lock

Code Description Width (W) Height (H) Lock Space (A) Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
 TF.CAL.464 4'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame 1219mm (4') 1930mm (6'4") 48" 18.60  41.01 
 TF.CAL.466 4'x6'6" Walk Thru Frame 1219mm (4') 1981mm (6'6") 48" 18.85  41.55
 TF.CAL.564 5'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame 1524mm (5') 1930mm (6'4") 48" 19.67  43.37
 TF.CAL.566 5'x6'6" Walk Thru Frame 1524mm (5') 1981mm (6'6") 48" 20.23  44.6
 TF.CAL.366 3'x6'6" Walk Thru Frame 914mm (3') 1981mm (6'6") 48" 17.77  39.18
 TF.CAL.364 3'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame 914mm (3') 1930mm (6'4") 48" 17.52  38.62
 TF.CAL.3964 3'9"x6'4" Walk Thru Frame 1143mm (3'9") 1930mm (6'4") 48" 18.32  40.39
 TF.CAL.3966 3'9"x6'6" Walk Thru Frame 1143mm (3'9") 1981mm (6'6") 48" 20.12  44.36

Mason Frame / Box Frame / Ladder Frame with Canada Lock

Code Description Width (W) Height (H) Lock Space (A) Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
 MF.CAL.56 5'x6' Mason Frame 1524mm (5') 1829mm (6') 48" 20.22  44.58
 MF.CAL.564 5'x6'4" Mason Frame 1524mm (5') 1930mm (6'4") 48" 22.22  49
 MF.CAL.45 4'x5' Mason Frame 1219mm (4') 1524mm (5') 48" 17.16  37.84
 MF.CAL.55 5'x5' Mason Frame 1524mm (5') 1524mm (5') 48" 19.17  42.26
 MF.CAL.43 4'x3' Mason Frame 1219mm (4') 914mm (3') 24" 12.29  27.09
 MF.CAL.44 4'x4' Mason Frame 1219mm (4') 1219mm (4') 36" 14.13  31.15
 MF.CAL.53 5'x3' Mason Frame 1524mm (5') 914mm (3') 24" 17.16  37.84
 MF.CAL.531 5'x31" Mason Frame 1524mm (5') 787mm (31") 24" 12.46  27.48
 MF.CAL.35 3'x5' Mason Frame 914mm (3') 1524mm (5') 48" 13.99  30.85
 MF.CAL.34 3'x4' Mason Frame 914mm (3') 1219mm (4') 36" 12.47  27.49
 MF.CAL.33 3'x3' Mason Frame 914mm (3') 914mm (3') 24" 10.34  22.79
 MF.CAL.315 31"x5' Mason Frame 787mm (31") 1524mm (5') 48" 13.16  29.02
 MF.CAL.313 31"x3' Mason Frame 787mm (31") 914mm (3') 24" 8.46  18.66

Typical Locking Device Options for American Scaffolding Frame.

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