Ring Lock Scaffolding System for Residential Construction

Galvanized Scaffolding Locks and Pins

Scaffolding Locks and Pins are the necessary parts and safety devices for scaffolding system.
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Scaffolding Lock and Pins

Code Description Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)
CP1 Coupling Pin with 1" Collar (Ф34) 0.33  0.73 
CP2 Taped Coupling Pin with 1" Collar (Ф36) 0.57  1.26 
CP3 Coupling Pin with 1/8" Collar (Ф34) 0.30  0.66 
CP4 Coupling Pin no Collar (Ф34) 0.30  0.66 
SP Saddle Pin 0.80  1.76 
SR Spring Retainer 0.03  0.07 
SPP Snap Pin 0.05  0.11 
SPP-T Snap Pin -Tail 0.06  0.13 
GP Gravity Pin (Ф9) 0.12  0.26 
TP Toggle Pin (Ф9) 0.06  0.13 
RPC Rivet Pin 0.05  0.11 
RP Roll Pin 0.03  0.07 

*Surface Treatment: Electric Galvanized

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