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Maintenance Matters During the Erection of Scaffolding Jul 1,2020.

Maintenance Measures During the Erection of Ring Lock System Scaffolding

1. Protective matters in the process of setting up and using scaffolding
a. The completed scaffolding system should be set up to inspect the structure of the scaffolding every day to check whether the uprights and walkway panels are sinking or loose. Are some components intact?
b. The base of the scaffold should be drained well. After each rain, the base of the scaffold should be fully inspected to prevent the base of the scaffold from sinking. 
c. The construction load of the operation layer of the scaffolding shall not exceed 270 kg/m2. It is not allowed to fix the cross bar support, cable wind rope, etc. on the scaffolding, and prevent heavy objects from hanging on the scaffolding rack body.
d. Set up the completed scaffolding system to prevent anyone from unintentionally removing any parts on the scaffolding.
e. When encountering the strong wind, heavy fog, heavy rain and heavy snow climate of level 6 or above, the work of the scaffold should be suspended immediately. Before resuming work, it is necessary to check that the scaffold has been installed and there is no problem before continuing to work.

2. Matters needing attention when using scaffolding
a. It is forbidden to mix the use of steel pipes and corrugated pipes with outer diameters of 48mm and 51mm for scaffolding.
b. At the main node of the scaffold, the distance between the center line of the fastening horizontal horizontal rod or vertical horizontal rod, scissors support, horizontal support and other fasteners is not more than 150mm from the main node.
c. The length of the end of each rod of the scaffold protruding from the edge of the fastener cover is not less than 140mm.
d. The opening of the docking fasteners should face the inside of the shelf, the bolts should face upwards, and the opening of the right-angle fasteners should not face downwards to ensure safety.
e. It is necessary for all staff on the shelves to hold a certificate, wear a safety helmet and fasten a seat belt.
f. It is necessary for all staff on the shelves to strictly follow the construction plan;
g. During the installation, even the wall pieces and scissors support should be set in time, and no more than two steps behind.
h. During the installation process, the straightness of the scaffold should be adjusted to allow a deviation of 100mm.

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