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  • Our company has been a professional manufacturing scaffolding ,shoring prop, u head jack,plank and ladder ,coupler ,scaffolding pipe ,scaffolding accessories
  • Our company has been a professional manufacturing scaffolding ,shoring prop, u head jack,plank and ladder ,coupler ,scaffolding pipe ,scaffolding accessories
  • Our company has been a professional manufacturing scaffolding ,shoring prop, u head jack,plank and ladder ,coupler ,scaffolding pipe ,scaffolding accessories
  • Our company has been a professional manufacturing scaffolding ,shoring prop, u head jack,plank and ladder ,coupler ,scaffolding pipe ,scaffolding accessories

» movable scaffolding engineering safety technical tests

movable scaffolding engineering safety technical tests

1, steel mobile scaffolding uprights, should be placed on a solid foundation, columns steel padded seat, with a concrete block or wood with a solid thick pad is good, (not suitable for high-rise buildings wooden mat) should add sweeping rod was attached firmly.
2, the mobile scaffold vertical uprights claim, wherein the vertical error corner uprights shall not exceed 0.5%, which shall not exceed 1% of the column, column spacing eight mobile scaffolding outside the building shall not exceed 2 meters, vertical spacing longitudinal horizontal pipe is not more than 1.8 m, and use the member links, tighten the bolts, longitudinal horizontal bar bearing must be supported above the crossbar, disabled substandard materials.
3, mobile scaffolding ends at the corner, every 6-7 pillars, should be set scissors, scissors with ground angle no greater than 60 degrees, the building anchor point, every 4 meters to set up a lateral anchor point must Rachel and building a solid anchor point. Civil than eight (22.5 meters) of mobile scaffold using hanging pull the safety net have to be completed with the working layer settings (ie full pull), the level of net every four set to join the erection of the first floor must be safe in accordance with the channel length network.
4, the bridge must go shop for scaffold boards can not leave gaps and probe card, plus skirting board, all decking applications securely lashing wire, feeding chute slope not greater than 1: 3, width of not less than 1.5 meters, the Master Xieqiao slope not greater than 1: 2, non-slip spacing of 30 cm is appropriate, but not larger than 35 cm.
5, pipe size used as much as possible to achieve unity, different specifications of steel pipe pile should be classified, respectively, it is appropriate pipe diameter 51 mm, wall thickness of 3-4 mm, wall thickness of less than 3 mm of steel, do not post and crossbar.
6, the outer bay must be kept above 1.2 meters above the working surface, on both sides of the channel to the erection of temporary protective railings.
7, after the erection of the outer bent segment is completed, to the person in charge by the construction branch Abe quality acceptance, and report safety supervision station before use acceptance, acceptance procedures in accordance with regulations.
8, who participated in the operation of mobile scaffold erection personnel must undergo a physical examination before induction.
9, who participated in the ride, demolition operator mobile scaffold must wear a helmet, tool bags, hanging, overhead dangerous job must be equipped with seat belts, non-wearing slippers, barefoot or hard-soled shoes shelves operations, non-drink operations.
9, before removing the rack to check whether there is debris, wire pipes and other temporary facilities on the bridge must be cleaned after removal.
Attached to the mobile scaffold safety net to be gradually dismantled with the frame removed, turning the deck to pour down outside, in order to prevent security alert when you have someone in charge of breaking glass falling debris, flap.
11, when the demolition rack, remove the material stacked on shelves or platforms may not overloaded, remove the bolts to be put down tool bags, small members to be placed in the tool bag, removed steel, concrete slab, passing staff position to be staggered, allowed to operate, short material, deck, member, bolts, etc. can be placed on the cage is lowered down on the same line, the fight signal stoppage landing charge, non-material thrown from high altitude with landing.
Dismantling time to set up the warning line, the various access roads or intersections to be closed, and hanged danger sign or to send full-time staff on duty on duty. Dismantling personnel participating in spirit to concentrate, wear seat belts, mutual supervision, co-ordination, foreman or duty to obey the command staff.
Dismantling When shall order should be top-down, up and down at the same time are not allowed to work, to develop preventive measures in conjunction with the demolition site person in charge in front of Dismantling.
12, on and off the cage; (1) non-multiplied people off; (2) non-personal exploration into the frame; (3) dumplings load limit 500 kg, 750 kg load limit large cage; (4) non-personnel from hanging across the bottom of the cage.

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